talk to you soon, ttyl

'talk to you soon, ttyl' is inspired in part by the experience of 8 people sharing one Instagram account and the accidental/conversations that abound from that process. Conversations that take place in real life and the digital world result in a collection of images from The Packet’s archives. These images then enter a new environment in the interest of what connections they might draw from their rapid (or slowed) appearing and disappearing. The screen printed by the visitor is their document of encountered time with a new pairing of The Packet’s images. The captured image is saved in a folder accessed by the artists. The Packet will use these images as departure points for future work.

The Packet began with a community of artists and friends meeting in an apartment in Colombo. What emerged was a collaboration on a deconstructed art-book, and has since evolved into a larger group practice. Instead of "speaking at" or "speaking to", we've been asking what it means to "speak from" and what it looks like to do our thinking in public. We adopt a model of collective study that is encompassed by, to paraphrase Fred Moten, "what we do with other people", with a particular focus on the vernacular, collaborative process and conversation.

The Packet