Future Landing

The form of the web portal as a virtual studio for five practitioners at a time, activates itself through viewer involvement. Each visit becomes unique as patterns and hums trigger drip unconscious minds’ libraries into the pulse of ever-changing projects that land and leave with only the trace of a time stamp on Future Landing’s ‘Drip Axis’.

While exploring the future there is an emphasis on transformation and change. With a voluntary loss of control that allows time to intervene and shapeshift perceptions and subjectivity, the existence of an everyday virtual becomes an acknowledged presence. Once this has been established in whichever form the participant chooses to accept the future, multi-sensorial haptics seep in. The uncertainty of what is to arrive takes over with prompts of visual experiences and sensorial immersions that wash the mind with sudden realisations of being absent and present with the body. These reactions are initiated and guided by the hands, ears and eyes to navigate a variation of haptic forms that transcend physical touch. The activation dissipates into acknowledging permissions and neural responses. These further cascade into unthinkable and unpredictable experiences traded with anticipation and speculation.

The sense of feeling that comes about beyond access to touch, invites spatial forms of immediate visuals, sounds and interactive responses. The idea of touch and sensation through the eyes, and movement through sounds and textured visuals emitted from an intangible place go on to stimulate emotional feedback. Personal memories are raked from repositories of the past while creating a storyboard to move into the future. The passage of time – slow and fast, rarely weighted and stagnant – is acknowledged by the nature of the projects that are constantly in flux. While some studio pages may appear static for the viewer, their presence is always influenced by incidental narratives. These are drawn from memory shelves laced with analysis for future departures.

The stages of experiments taking place on Future Landing look at the internet as a site where control is not a given option. In insinuating participation, an embedded closeness comes about with involvement. The distance this creates yields a form of whirling circles for future nostalgia. The viewer, shafted into their unique moment struggles to disconnect from an onscreen hypnosis that toys with the randomness of sensory engrossment, emotional haptics and incomprehension… A lack of completeness keeps the search going in Future Landing.

Over here, the future always and never arrives.


The Structure

The ‘Drip Axis’, a time graph, acts as the operating system that gathers the debris of change created on Future Landing. The founding phase of Future Landing is a 365-day model revived by the artist as they sign off into the drip system by handing over their platform to another artist or practitioner of their choice. This handover is accompanied with an operational manual that does not limit the next practitioner to anything but the future. The drip artists will be free to choose the time frames of their takeovers and pass on their platform to others who will adopt and nurture the space in their own understandings of open boundaries and futures. To maintain an independent structure for Future Landing, the artists are self-appointed moderators of the content they drip into tomorrow’s time. As the future arrives via the drip system, the framework of the axis is the only recognisable past element to cushion memory. The failure of returning to a saved bookmark can reliably rest on the execution of layers built up with the intervention of artists and practitioners using Future Landing as a virtual studio space.

Veeranganakumari Solanki

November 2020, for Future Landing

Future Landing Foundation Team:

Aditi Dash | Graphics and website design

Ashish Dubey |Creative Coding and website development

Samarth Gulati |Creative Coding and website development

Abhinay Khoparzi |Artist (Drip 1) + Creative Coding and website development

Farah Mulla | Artist (Drip 1)

Nepal Picture Library | Artist (Drip 1)

Studio Oleomingus | Artist (Drip 1)

The Packet | Artist (Drip 1)

Keith Peter | SAF core support

Smriti Rajgarhia |SAF core support

Veeranganakumari Solanki | Curator and concept

Moakshaa Vohra | SAF core support

Serendipity Arts Foundation | Project and space host

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