There is a delay when a sensation traverses the body to an instant where that sensation undergoes examination and articulation. Blink your ears and you’ll miss it. Hyperreality is a modern, mass manifestation of the non-referential virtual world where everyday objects can be cake in disguise, where a touch could travel miles and we can taste flavors that don’t exist. We are often left wondering what is real in societies that are shaped more by the nature of the media by which we communicate than by the content of the communication. The virtual is somewhere the past, present and future almost coexist; it is, in effect, a moment without time. You cannot say where it is or describe its shape and proportions or tell a stranger how to get there. But you can find things in it without knowing where they are. The Net is ambient – nowhere in particular but everywhere at once. You do not go to it; you log in from wherever you physically happen to be. In Real Time is an environment resulting from the interplay between the real world and the virtual world mediated by sound. While both worlds are complete unto themselves, they are also enriched by the ability to mutually reflect, influence, and merge into each other by means of technologies deeply embedded in everyday environments. As the work attempts to comprehend the passage of time and site via its own ever-changing flux. Codes run through its virtual veins and sound breaths life into its lungs resulting in a “site” that is never the same. ‘subjecting space to a directly experienced time’ Subjecting space to a directly experienced time, the sonic moments in real time, transform the virtual installation into a contemplative site. Nudging its listeners to realise that the virtual might not just be on a screen in front of you but entirely percolated into our physical and acoustic environments.

This project was made possible with:

Kushagra Singh @kintu.parantu

With a Masters in Graphic Design at the National Institute of Design, Kushagra connects his love for design and computer engineering almost as effortlessly as he combines programming, theories, techniques and sad jokes.

Aishwarya Sharma @ash_i13

Aishwarya is a creative coder with a sense of challenge and ample scope for innovation. Her primary discipline being A.I, she also dabbles with image processing, speech recognition and number crunching.

The artist

Farah Mulla is a multimedia artist based in Mumbai. Her background in science overlaps with her art practice that explores the perception of sound and its effects on human neurology and subjectivity. Often investigating different media, she uses the human voice, field recordings and other modes of inquiries to explore aspects of our listening experience and the invisible agency of sound via multiple modes of perception. Her current research experiments with sensory overlaps and materiality through different texts, sounds, and circuits. Having always been curious about sensation and perception processes her work has begun to incline towards sound brain computer interfacing. Currently she is experimenting with a small adaptive device that detects obstacles in the path and sends a tactile buzz to warn the wearer. She takes this device out on a run everyday with hopes of it developing into a part of a larger installation or an adaptive device for people with compromised needs. @farahmulla

Farah Mulla