Patterns emerge from monotones of traditional world tunings as they curve into the creation of new sounds activated by viewer participation. Partakers unconsciously activate their region’s tuning system by allowing their internet connection to pick up analytics of their location data. As visitors immerse themselves in communicating with other dots on the screen, they become unknowing collaborators of new tones and tunes. The tones produced, almost untraceable to their source while they begin to pull themselves out from a growing dictionary of scales and tuning systems. When more people begin to ride these sound waves, a rhythm develops. This rhythm slowly brainwashes the mind into a hypnotic massage of wanting to stay when you have to leave.

Abhinay Khoparzi is a multidisciplinary creative technologist who maintains a practice across film, music and web technologies. He has had a long relationship with the experimental electronic music scene in Mumbai with performances at venues Blue Frog, Zenzi Mills, Volte and Project 88. Abhinay co-founded the pioneering artist collective, netlabel, and publishing company 3rd Thought Entertainment in the early 2000's where he organised collaborative performances with experimental, IDM artists from the varied roster. He now organises/conducts live coding workshops in collaboration with various artist collectives across India and has been pushing the Algorave and algorithmic arts scene in the country. instagram @khoparzi twitter @khoparzi

Abhinay Khoparzi
Tap/click on the screen to start sound
Ask a friend to join on another device and meditate to the fugue of the future

Move around with arrow keys or drag the green shape to make tiny changes to the sound
Refresh your browser to come back and join a new section of the composition.